Building Blocks

Choosing a good criminal lawyer is essential to give you every chance of being well advised and defended. He will provide all the answers to the questions you ask yourself and, if necessary, will represent you in court and will accompany you throughout the proceedings. Here are 5 key points to help you make your choice.

Defining your needs

Before selecting a lawyer, take the time to ask yourself what exactly you expect from him. This will save you time and help the lawyer to better identify and analyze your file, i.e. your needs and expectations

The geographical proximity of the lawyer

Needless to say, proximity makes things easier. You will be able to get together your lawyer additional with no trouble during face-to-face consultation. defence lawyer charges Singapore isĀ  very genuine

criminal lawyer

However, if you are search for a lawyer particular in a exact field, the physical criterion can become minor. This will be mainly the case if you are below the jurisdiction of a small bar with a summary figure of lawyers. You may need to call a specialized lawyer in a neighboring municipality, or another department, as appropriate. You can also consult a lawyer by phone or ask him a question in writing .

A association of faith

It is necessary that your lawyer inspires you with confidence. Thus, if you do not feel comfortable with him, it is better to call on one of his colleagues. It is therefore important to trust your feelings and operate “feeling”.

You will need to discuss with the lawyer of the financial part at the first appointment so you do not engage with a lawyer that you cannot pay you.